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From:marcin.slusarczyk Date:July 28 2004 2:09pm
Subject:Re: internal/external usage
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I see that we have similar requirements. 
To solve what you write I have modified templates. I print time tracking 
if current role is greater then developer:
For example I put line:
{if $current_role > $roles.reporter}
in the beginning of time_tracking.tpl.html

I can give you some hints:
In permissions filed Eventum is not very flexible, so in most cases you 
have to hardcode your permission schema. 
Be careful with modification of Roles list. it is hardcoded in php, but 
values are used in mysql. So when you put some role in between you have to 
modify all existing users' roles.
Roles are numbered. Higher number role has all access that lower roles 
I have left Roles as they are. I am mapping eventum roles to mine ie.:
Viewer = External users
Reporter = Internal Users
Standard Users = Developers and Support (team members)
Manager = Manager 

Marcin Slusarczyk

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2004-07-28 15:53

"Lance Johnson" <ljohnson@stripped>

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        Subject:        internal/external usage

There are certain fields we would want our internal employees to be able
to update but our external customers we don't want to update.  I don't
want an external to update the status of an issue, however when you
bring up the details that is there.  I probably wouldn't even want them
seeing the time-tracking stuff.  Would it be easier to setup two sites
that were linked to the same db?  So our internal site would have
everything but our external site would be limited in what was visible
etc?  I'm just looking for suggestions on how to handle this.


Lance Johnson
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