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From:Todd.Morgan Date:March 14 2004 12:02pm
Subject:Resolution field availability patch timeframe
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Howdy Joao (and everyone else),
I was wondering what was happening with merge of the patch to make the
resolution field available in the closing of the issue page. I have been
obtaining the latest releases but as of yet I haven't found anything new in

I had a look at the developers mailing list and found this entry (Patch for issue resolution from
Phillip smith) which seems to have the required information.

I am uncertain if this actually represents all the required information
(given that the list does not allow attaching files) and if the information
presented would actually work (given that the email/html process often does
interesting things to whitespace and the maximum number of characters in a

I did try to follow the instructions in Phillip's posting. Unfortunately, I
am unfamiliar with bitkeeper and tried to install it and only succeeded in
breaking my Cygwin installation (pre-existing) so I am unable to apply the
patch as per the instruction above.

As always ... any help from anyone would be appreciated ... even just
emailing or attaching in-line the modified files.

Failing that I will see if I can perform a manual merge with Winmerge and
information presented within Phillip's posting.


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