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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 28 2004 2:08pm
Subject:RE: internal/external usage
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> There are certain fields we would want our internal
> employees to be able
> to update but our external customers we don't want to
> update.  I don't
> want an external to update the status of an issue, however when you
> bring up the details that is there.  I probably wouldn't
> even want them
> seeing the time-tracking stuff.  Would it be easier to
> setup two sites
> that were linked to the same db?  So our internal site would have
> everything but our external site would be limited in what
> was visible
> etc?  I'm just looking for suggestions on how to handle this.

If you can wait a little bit (maybe another month), we are currently
working on the 1.3 release of Eventum, which will bring several new

- Customer Integration API
  -> you will be able to integrate Eventum with your customer
database, by writing a custom backend (class file) to implement this
- new "Customer" permission level, which is not allowed to see certain
fields or sections of Eventum, like the time tracking stuff, or
internal notes.

That should give you exactly what you want.


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