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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 28 2004 1:34pm
Subject:RE: releases
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> I'm well aware of custom fields and how I can use them, but
> I was just
> wondering why something like current version wouldn't be
> applicable to
> the majority of people.

Well, just think about it in terms of Eventum as a general support
package. Asking for the "current version" is not applicable to all
support tickets, so it shouldn't show up. Jennifer is another Eventum
user who spoke about this previously, and her group provides support
for a wide variety of software packages, and even hardware. This
"current version" field wouldn't be appropriate for all of the types
of support tickets.

We are basically agreeing here that not all core fields in Eventum are
supposed to fit with all uses, so we are working on fixing that


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