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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 28 2005 6:47pm
Subject:RE: RSS feed
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> I tried clicking the RSS icon, and it behaved the same way.
> When I click the icon or go to the feed URL, a browser 
> authentication dialog
> pops up that says "Enter username and password for '' at 
> [hostname]." Note
> the empty quotes after "for".
> I fill it in and submit it, it fails, and then another 
> authentication dialog
> comes up. It's the same as the first, except that the empty quotes are
> filled in with the local customized name we've given to Eventum.
> On the confidentiality issue, given the type of information 
> being tracked,
> we don't need to worry about that very much. So, can authentication be
> easily bypassed (without bypassing Eventum's main authentication)?

Could I perhaps have access to your installation of Eventum (even on a
separate dummy project), so I can debug what is happening here? I cannot
reproduce this error on my development environment.


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