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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 28 2005 6:40pm
Subject:RE: news editing
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> I have noticed that editing the news and announcements 
> (through Administration, Manage News) exhibits some strange 
> behavior. Specifically, newlines from my original message 
> will appear as <br /> tags in the textarea edit box, and upon 
> updating the content, the <br /> tags would then appear as 
> &lt;br /&rt; in the textarea edit box, and so on and so forth.
> It is probably a very simple and low priority bug to fix, 
> resulting from a simple inconsistency in the handling of the 
> news content.
> Has anyone else experienced this?

Yeah, I was able to reproduce that problem on my development
environment. I just fixed this on the bitkeeper repository and this fix
will be included on the next release of Eventum.

Thanks for the report.


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