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From:Lance Johnson Date:July 28 2004 12:58pm
Subject:RE: releases
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I know this has pretty well been beaten in the ground, but I just had
one more comment on this subject.  It seems that something that's
missing (from my perspective) is a current version field.  If somebody
submits a bug or even submits a request, you would want to know the
current version they're on.  Or am I missing the point on what this
should really be used for?

Lance Johnson
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> I guess I don't really know what Eventum is supposed to be used for
> then?  What is the primary market for Eventum and how it's supposed to
> be used?  And is there any plans for making this product work in a
> Bug-tracking scenario?

Well, Eventum is an issue tracking system. And it should be flexible
in that in can be used to track tasks for a software project, or bugs,
even support tickets.

That's why I said that just adding two new fields to the core set of
in Eventum wouldn't be appropriate for all uses. We have an idea for
profiles that will make it easier to completely customize Eventum to
uses, like bug tracking or whatnot. We should have that done by Eventum
(october or november).


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