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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 21 2005 2:01pm
Subject:RE: eventum translation proposal
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> as I said in my message I don't have much experience in 
> PHP/Smarty/Gettext, I did some search and found out this to 
> be the most 
> "standard compliant" solution.
> The gettext extension could be optional, only for localization.
> Another option is to use a pure PHP solution like this:
> that may raise some performance issues, but should work without the 
> gettext extension.

Right, I'm not sure which option is the best right now though. As I
said, I had some horrible experiences with PHP and Gettext, so I'm not
too happy about adding this extra dependency to Eventum.

> This could be done quite simply using regular expressions. In the 
> smarty-gettext package there's a PHP script [tsmarty2c.php] 
> to create a 
> C style file from a set of Smarty template files/dirs.
> So you could run:


Yeah, I was just asking because I thought you were aware of some tool
that would do this already.


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