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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 20 2005 7:41pm
Subject:RE: eventum translation proposal
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> I played with the code, and found [hopefully] a viable 
> solution using  
> gettext formats, these are the steps:


This looks like a great idea, and exactly what I had in mind for the
translation project for Eventum 2.0. However, I would simply use Smarty
config files and constants for the actual translated strings. Your idea
is even better IMO, as it will make the templates a bit easier to manage
since the english versions will be included on the master templates. At
the same time though, I have some pretty bad experiences while using PHP
and Gettext, and I would prefer not to add the gettext extension as a
pre-requisite for using Eventum.

However, how are the .po files generated on the first place? A few years
ago I even wrote an article about this stuff
(, but the missing
piece here is that with normal PHP and the gettext() function, you can
run 'xgettext -n *.php' to create the master .po file automatically for
you. Is something similar available for these {t}{/t} block functions?


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