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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 20 2005 7:15pm
Subject:RE: Any projected release date for 1.5.5?
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> I have made significant changes to my Eventum installation (1.5.3).  I
> will hopefully be going live with this near the end of this 
> month.  I'd
> like to merge all my changes into 1.5.4 but would be a bit 
> disappointed
> if I made the merge a few days before 1.5.5 is released.  Is there any
> estimate on when v1.5.5 will be released?  Thanks.

Unfortunately I don't have any hard schedule for this, but I would like
to release as soon as possible. I might release a new version tomorrow
or friday, depending on how other work comes through. We originally
wanted to implement a bunch of other features for 1.5.5, but it looks
like we won't have time for that any time soon, so it might be better to
release what we have now than wait another month or so for another


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