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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 20 2005 7:13pm
Subject:RE: Groups
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> I am trying to create new groups (I deleted the four that I originally
> created) and I don't see all the users that I listed in the database.
> I've got 59 users, but only four show in the manage groups screen.  My
> group table is empty.
> Any hints on how to correct this issue?

How did you delete the four groups that you had in there originally? If
you used the Eventum Administration GUI interface, the code is supposed
to clean up all of the appropriate fields from the tables that are
related to eventum_group, so this wouldn't happen.

My guess is that you deleted the groups manually on the database, and
all of the other bits are still there on the tables. Run the following
queries to remove everything properly:

  DELETE FROM eventum_group;
  DELETE FROM eventum_project_group;
  UPDATE eventum_user SET usr_grp_id=NULL;

That will reset everything to how it was when you first installed
Eventum (i.e. no groups whatsoever) and you should be able to create new
ones properly after that.


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