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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 15 2005 4:13am
Subject:RE: Eventum Installation
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> My first problem is (if it is one) when I browse to the
> http://localhost:81/eventum  (directly on the server) I do 
> not have any
> redirection to the setup page, I only see all files in that folder in
> http style.  What is wrong with my config here?

You need to set the proper value for the DirectoryIndex Apache
directive. Your httpd.conf file should be located at C:\Program
Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf\.

Set it as such:

  DirectoryIndex index.html index.php index.php3 index.phtml index.php4

And that should tell Apache to automatically run those files when the
directory listing is supposed to be displayed.

> The second is when I try to run the
> http://localhost:81/eventum/setup/index.php I get the Eventum
> installation form, I fill it and then start installation.  Atfer 30
> seconds or so I get a blank page, without anything changed in the
> eventum folders.  I have the same result even after enabling the error
> messages in the http://localhost:81/eventum/setup/ as
> mension in order posts.

Hmm, not sure what the cause for this could be. Can you enable PHP
warning messages to be displayed and send me any output you might see?

Follow these instructions:

However, instead of doing the requested changes on
/path-to-eventum/, do them in
/path-to-eventum/setup/index.php (just add the lines on the top of that
file, after <?php.

> After, when I click on any php scripts found in eventum root 
> directory,
> it redirect my to the setup folder, showing me the files there.
> Probably because Eventum is not setup properly?

No, this is how it is supposed to be. Eventum will redirect users to the
installation screen until it is properly installed.


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