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From:Lance Johnson Date:July 26 2004 2:11pm
Subject:RE: releases
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We could add these as custom fields, but aren't these some fields that
would be useful for everybody.  When somebody submits a bug it seems
you'd want to know what version they're submitting it for.  This would
definitely apply to everybody.  And then when a bug is fixed, it'd be
nice to know the version it was fixed in.  The scheduled one is nice,
but this other field seems almost necessary also.

Lance Johnson
Software Developer
DOCS, Inc.
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From: Joao Prado Maia [mailto:jpm@stripped] 
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Subject: RE: releases


> There is issue attribute: scheduled Release.
> 1. It could be nice to have also attributes like:
> - affected release (in which release the problem has occured)
> - fixing release (release where problem has occured).
> Fixing release and scheduled release do not have to be always the
> 2. Fixing release must not be null in closed issues.
> 3. Advantages:
> - Support knows which version of software is affected by issue.
> - Changelog report can be generated easily
> Marcin Slusarczyk

You can create those fields yourself as custom fields. No need to
add/change/remove the core eventum fields.


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