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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 12 2005 12:09am
Subject:RE: Formatting of custom fields.
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> (1) we are (can) not using customer integration.
> So I created a custom field to contain the customer details.
> But if I enter
> "Joe Bloggs" <joe@stripped>
> "Fred" <fred@somewhere>
> The part between <>, the quotes and the carriage return all disappear.
> So I see
> Joe Bloggs Fred

What type of custom field is this? We are probably not escaping html
values, but it should still show the quotes.

> (2) We have another custom field that is defined as a 
> textarea.  In this 
> is entered a status summary of several lines.  This is so that in the 
> list issues view it is possible to see brief status for all tasks.
> But in the issue listing screen the contents of the field are 
> displayed 
> on one very long line, without the linefeeds in the original.
> Is there any way to get the custom fields to wrap?

Yeah, I'll fix that for the next release of Eventum.

Thanks for the report.


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