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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:March 11 2004 11:48pm
Subject:RE: Feature Request - Summary Page for Multiple projects, plan or road-map for eventum features
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>         I'm not sure if this is just me and the people that I work with 
> ... but we tend to work across several projects or companies at the same 
> time. To that end I was wondering if  there were any plans on creating a 
> summary page (much like the default page displayed when you first login) 
> that summarises all the projects (that the logged-in user belongs to). 
> This would be an ideal way to find out which issues I should be focusing 
> on (rather than relying on an email reminder) or actively 
> changing to each 
> of the different projects I am interested in. I realise that this 
> information could probably be generated by a report, but that requires an 
> active effort on the part of the user.

That's a great idea, and I'll add that to my TODO list.

> I was also wondering if there is somewhere on the mysql site that lists 
> the proposed features or roadmap of what the next release of eventum is 
> aiming towards and their current implementation status. I have seen this 
> sort of information on a large number of sites and products and 
> thought it 
> may be of us for eventum also.

Errmm, there's nothing official available right now, and the release of Eventum is still
stealth somewhat. That is, we don't have the manpower right now to invest more time into a
real official release, or to create better documentation like a roadmap of sorts. I do
have a (growing) TODO list for Eventum, that aggregates features for the internal version
of Eventum (the one used inside the company) and also for the open source one.

I guess eventually I could make this TODO list available to the public, but it will take a
while until I have the free time to do that.


Feature Request - Summary Page for Multiple projects, plan orroad-map for eventum featuresTodd.Morgan11 Mar
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