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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 11 2005 3:11pm
Subject:RE: CVS integration
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> I am having trouble getting the CVS integration to work. My Eventum
> (1.5.4) installation is placed in "mydomain/eventum", and I 
> have set the
> variables in process_cvs_commits.php as follows:
> $eventum_domain = 'mydomain';
> $eventum_relative_url = '/eventum/';
> $eventum_port = 80;
> I have checked that the webserver (IIS 6.0) is indeed using 
> TCP port 80.
> When I commit, process_cvs_commits.php executes without error, and I
> have checked that my comment is parsed correctly to give an issue
> number. I have tried checking whether scm_ping.php is 
> activated, and it
> seems that it isn't (though I'm not sure if my test is correct). So it
> looks like I'm not getting through with the fwrite, probably due to
> incorrect eventum_* variable values?

Can you tell me the version of CVS that you are using? Recently I had to
help out another user that was using a new version of CVS that breaks
the string format syntax that we require in the special loginfo file.


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