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From:Jeffrey D. Wheelhouse Date:June 29 2005 1:40am
Subject:Email Association Issues
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Hi guys,

I have finally managed to get Eventum back on the schedule, and I've
managed to wrangle some high-quality help to make it happen!

We're going to a two-stage roll-out, and the first will be email-only.
Then, after that's working, we'll fiddle with letting people see the web UI.

Last time I tried this, I had a heck of a time getting emails to
associate to existing issues, even with
email routing enabled.

I think I may have figured out what was going on, and I want to see if I
can get some validation.  If this is the case, I will be very
embarrassed, because it'll mean the problem was that I didn't read the
directions carefully.

I set up all email for to dump into the "example"
mailbox on our mail server.  Then, misc/download_email.php sucked the
emails into Eventum and random Joao-perplexing "that can't happen"
things happened.  Ultimately, I gave up.

This time around, I was looking at the INSTALL file, and it mentioned
the misc/route_emails.php script, which I haven't heretofore used.  I
assumed that was an equivalent/alternative to my approach, not a
requirement.  Key phrase: I assumed.  When you assume you make an...

So I'm wondering... was my association weirdness happening because
Eventum doesn't care about the To: address of messages in its "own"
mailbox?  If this is true, then it correctly associated the ones with
the references intact, thus lulling me into a false sense of security,
and scratched its head and made new issues out of all the rest.

If that's the case I will club myself vigorously about the head and
shoulders in what I hope will be sufficiently amusing fashion.

Anyhoo... if'n that is the case I'm a sad panda because I *hate* the
idea of forwarding email to programs (that's why I didn't set it up that
way in the first place).  In this case, it doesn't much matter what I
like because we have web servers for web sites and email servers for
email messages, and their paths don't cross.  So as long as that script
is in the eventum directory, it isn't on a machine where mail is delivered.

So, I'm left with these questions:

1) Is this really what's going on? (Or, to put it another way, "Could I
really be that much of an idiot?")
2) If so, is changing the code to work "my way" (consider To: for
POP/IMAP-retrieved emails) a trivial fix?
3) If it isn't, is the route_emails.php script self-contained enough to
hire a team of Sherpas and trek to the peak of a distant mail server?
4) Otherwise, what's my best bet, besides counseling and a glass of warm


Jeff Wheelhouse
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