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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 14 2004 4:07am
Subject:RE: More Eventum bugs and feature requests
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> The suggestion by Jim to process the mailboxes sequentially seems
> to be working
> with the simple script I posted (thanks Jim).  I would recommend that the
> documentation be changed to warn others of this potential problem.

Well, the real fix would be to use a real lock file for each mailbox,
instead of playing with the configuration file as a lock-file-workaround.
We'll have this done by the 2.0 release.

> New Bugs:
> - Switching between projects while under the "Associate E-mails"
>    doesn't always refresh the list of unassociated E-mails.  It
>    is then necessary to hit the "Search" button to refresh the page
>    (verified that other search restrictions, such as keyword, were not
>     set)

Sorry, but I can't reproduce this problem. The little popup window is
supposed to reload the parent window, so this shouldn't be happening unless
you are closing the popup window too soon.

But I agree that we should clear out any search parameters when switching
the currently selected project in the email queue page. I'll add that to my

> - While viewing an issue's detail page and switching to a different
>    project, Eventum should direct the user to either "My Assignments"
>    or "List Issues", instead of the 'duh' page that says "issue XXX
>    could not be found in the currently selected project".

I generally don't like these implicit actions (i.e. making the software a
little too smart), so I would actually prefer to hide the project switch box
from the browser if the user is viewing the details of a particular issue.
How about that?

> - Occassionally, a reply from an external customer to an existing
>    issue will cause the sending customer's E-mail to appear as coming
>    from "Customer Name <project support address>", i.e
>    (Joe User <support@stripped>).  This should never, ever happen.
>    Only staff members that are assigned to the issue should appear as
>    sending E-mail from the project support address.  In a recent case,
>    a copy of the reply was sent back to the customer (duplicate message),
>    and the customer was very confused to see the support@stripped
>    as their address.

That's probably because the customer replied to your email from the web
interface, and because of that, his email address got changed to the one
associated with the selected project. If he replied to the email using his
own email client, this should not have happened.

> - Canned E-mail responses should not be global for all projects.  They
>    should be restricted on a per project basis.

Yes, already on TODO list.

> - The graphical statistics on the Profile page get cutoff when there are
>    many categories associated with the project.  Look at
> "Issued by
>    Category" for an example.

Not much we can do about this. This is actually a limitation of the graphing
package that we use, JpGraph. We bundle a fairly old release of JpGraph, so
maybe there is a feature to "stretch" out the image on these cases now, but
its license is not compatible with the GPL.

> - Issue number is only showing up when Eventum sends an E-mail for
>    an internal note or update.  It does not display an issue number
>    for replies that get sent to staff members.  It is good that the
>    customer doesn't see the issue number, but bad that staff members
>    can't see it.

Well, what do you suggest? Dynamically re-writing the subject line of emails
sent to staff members to add something like [#3098] to the front of the
email? What about replies from staff members, will Eventum have to
dynamically remove these issue numbers from the emails sent to external
people in the notification list? I bet that this is highly personal and
other people will want different behaviors, so I rather leave this as it is.

> - The stats and reporting capabilities could be improved.  Multiple types
>    of graphs and Gant charting ability would be useful.  There should be
>    a simple way under "Reports" to create and save custom SQL queries for
>    generating reports (no need to create a new PHP file).  Right now,
>    "Advanced Search" is generally more useful than Reports.  A hybrid
>    between the two would be interesting.

Reporting is very personal, so there's not really much we can do about this.
For a group of 10 different users, they will want a bunch of different
features here. We (MySQL AB) will contribute the reports implemented for
internal usage when it is appropriate, but for stuff that you cannot find in
there, the best answer is to develop them yourself. Patches are very welcome

> - User pref to disable all Javascript pop-up confirmation windows.
>    The existing configurable time delay is nice, but even a 1-2 second
>    window can still be slow.  I only want to be bothered by a popup if
>    there is an error.

That's also very personal. I heard the exact opposite from users that want
the popup window to still have a small delay so they can at least read the
message. Having something that shows up and instantly disappears is not very

> - Phone call "Reason" field should be configurable from the Administration
>    page.
> - Ability to attach files to outgoing E-mails (i.e replies)

Yes, already on TODO list.

> - Note entries do not list recipients of the note, only the person
>    who sent the note.  It would be helpful if the staff notification
>    list entries were duplicated in the title, such as:
>    Internal Notes (n) - Will be sent to: staff1, staff2, ...

Well, since notes are simply sent to the notification list, we would need to
copy of the contents of the notification list each time we sent something
out, to have an accurate value in there. Is this really such a big deal?


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