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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 21 2005 2:56pm
Subject:RE: Migrate from RT to Eventum
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> Pieter van der Spek wrote:
> > We're currently using RT ( 
> for issue-tracking.
> > After reviewiung several other issue-tracking systems, we 
> decided that Eventum
> > fits our needs better than RT or other issue-tracking systems.
> > However, we would like to keep our history of bugs and 
> issues from RT. Is it
> > possible to copy this information from the RT-database to 
> the Eventum-database?
> There is no tool that I know of to do this. However, several other 
> people have inquired about this so perhaps one of them has written 
> something. If now one has though, your only choice would be to write 
> your own.

Also, if you do write your own RT->Eventum import script, that would be
an excellent addition to Eventum and would be welcomed as a patch.


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