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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 13 2004 1:22pm
Subject:RE: Eventum features
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> 1. I couldn't find a dependency feature at first sight ("an issue gets
> suspended until some other issues are resolved; as soon as this is the
> case it is reopened automatically"). Did I miss this? At least this
> could be pretty easy to implement.

There's no dependency feature yet. You can mark an issue as a duplicate of
another one, or mark it as associated with another issue, but there's no
enforcement that the "parent" issue needs to be closed first before the
child one. Eventually we'll replace the existing system with
Eventum, so we will have to implement this feature. It's still a few months
off, though.

> 2. This is the bigger problem: In my system I chose a hierarchic/tree
> structure for issues. Any issue (called task in my system) can have any
> number of subtasks which can in turn again have any number of subtasks
> and so on... This reflects the top-down workflow: A new feature
> request/project probably has to be split into different subtasks which
> get assigned to different staff members (these subtasks sometimes get
> split into one more level of subtasks with different priorities and so
> on). When the last child task gets closed, the system closes the parent
> automatically. I probably could achieve part of this structure by
> projects and associated issues in Eventum (without automatic updates,
> of course). Any better ideas to fit Eventum to these needs? (It's
> probably almost impossible to add such features to Eventum due to the
> very different approach in the structure.)

Yeah, that wouldn't be very easy to implement. You could try and use the
"Associated Issues" feature to link those issues together, and then add some
restriction to how you can handle them.

> As I see it, Eventum is very much "project oriented": As all the staff
> members in our company work on a lot of different projects, it would at
> least be very important to have a "My Assignments" screen which shows
> the assignments from all projects: When I start my work in the morning
> I'm only interested in which of my issues has the highest priority over
> all and I don't want to check all the projects for this. (This screen
> would probably be my default screen where I do 90% of my work in
> Eventum.)

The problem with this is that a lot of the actions (and I mean a _lot_)
require the "currently selected project" to be set. So if I display issues
for several projects at the same time, I'll have to start adding the project
field to all kinds of forms. Also, where some forms are pretty simple right
now, with just a one-click action, it would have to be changed to ask for
the project as well.


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