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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 15 2005 8:15pm
Subject:RE: Lost General Settings Menu
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> Well I thought I was slowly but surely licking this thing, 
> now I've lost
> the general setting in the admin menu.
> All I did was change the admin username/password/email and 
> create a new
> project.  I switched over to that project and the general settings are
> gone and I'm only left with the items under "areas"
> I switch back to the unmodified "default" job and it doesn't 
> re-appear.

My guess is that while you were changing the email and password, you
also changed the permission level for the default project.

You can fix this by manually running a few queries on the database:

  SELECT usr_id FROM eventum_user WHERE

Now get the project ID for the project that you want this user to be an
administrator under (usually 1 for the default project):

  SELECT prj_id, prj_title FROM eventum_project;

Then use those numbers on this query:

  UPDATE eventum_project_user SET pru_role=7 WHERE
pru_prj_id=PROJECT_ID_HERE AND pru_usr_id=USER_ID_HERE;


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