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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 15 2005 8:00pm
Subject:RE: full-text search in 1.5.4
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> However, I can't make the full-text search work.
> For instance, In advanced search, I enter a value in the field
> Keyword(s), but I get not result even though I'm expeciting a result.
> I know that in eventum 1.5.3, I could search by the help of 
> keywords in
> issue summaries and issue descriptions. But when the 
> full-text search is
> turned on in eventum 1.5.4, I can't even search in issue summaries and
> decription.
> When I turn the full-text search off again by setting the value to
> false, @define("APP_ENABLE_FULLTEXT", false);, the keyword(s) 
> search in
> issue summaries and issue descriptions works again.

That's odd, it should work without a problem here. Do you have the
proper full-text indexes on the tables?

Please send me the output of the following query:

  SHOW INDEX FROM eventum_issue;


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