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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 13 2005 2:20pm
Subject:RE: General methods for keeping track of Eventum hacks
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> I wanted to get some ideas for how people, if there are any 
> others like us, 
> who have made some changes to Eventum, not just with 
> Templates and need to 
> also keep up to date with new releases. With the Smarty 
> templates I don't 
> think that will end up being much of a problem because we can 
> just apply 
> our diffs and if they end up looking or acting weird it will 
> be fairly 
> obvious. But with the code, while our changes are small, that 
> could be more 
> difficult to track down. But I am expecting for the most part 
> we should be 
> able to apply our patches as well and end up with something 
> mostly useable 
> :)  But I would love to hear better ideas :)

Not sure what I can tell you on this. I guess the best way to keep track
of your local changes would be to create patches out of them, and save
them on a revision control system.


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