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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 10 2005 9:07pm
Subject:RE: Change Everyone's Timezone?
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> We just started using Eventum and have to say that it is a 
> really nice 
> product.

I'm glad you like Eventum. Spread the word!

> Is there a way to change all of the user's time zones at 
> once?  I'm sure 
> it could be done with a simple UPDATE query but I'm not sure 
> the syntax 
> of the field.

It's actually not that simple. The timezone information is kept on the
usr_preferences field on eventum_user. However, the value stored on that
field is actually a serialized array, which contains the timezone value.
I suppose you could write a PHP script to fetch that value, unserialize
it into an array, change the timezone value, serialize it again and save
it back into the table.

> Is there a way to change the default page from the stats page to the 
> list page?  Reason I am asking is because the stats are 
> broken.  Most of 
> the images done show up and the ones that do say:
> "No Data Available Yet"
> Maybe there is a cronjob that needs to be setup to generate 
> the stats?  
> I didn't see anything about that in the INSTALL file.

Well, those images will not show anything until you have issues created
on that project. Do you have any?

If you do, this might be related to some problem on Jpgraph/GD. Let me
know and we can debug this problem.


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