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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 10 2005 3:24pm
Subject:RE: public view
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> I have just installed the Eventum software and it looks terrific!  I
> am interested in using it to track bugs on an open source project that
> I have started.  One feature that I am interested in is a public view
> without a login.
> What I mean by public view is any visitor, whether they belong to the
> project or not, should have the ability to search outstanding issues. 
> I did notice the feature that permits Open Account Signup, but I would
> like them to be able to search issues before requesting an account.
> I'm not even sure if this software is meant for that purpose or if I
> would be better to use something like bugzilla.  From the looks of it
> this provides all that bugzilla offers and more.

This feature doesn't exist yet. You could do it like you said with the
Open Account Signup, but they would need to signup before actually
searching the list of tickets.

You could also create a guest account, display the account information
on the login screen.


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