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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:July 12 2004 6:28pm
Subject:RE: Documentation?
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> I wonder if there is more documentation than the links on
> and the online help screen. For example I would like to know what "Round
>   Robing assignments are"...
> Is there anything around?

Sorry, no. There's only so much time, and most of our focus is on the
installation/code of Eventum that is used internally by MySQL AB.
Documentation is a part of our TODO list, though.

The round robin assignment feature is exactly what it says - it will assign
new issues dynamically to a list of users, in a round robin fashion. The
working hours feature will let you tell Eventum which hours are valid as
"working time" for those users. This is especially useful for teams with
members in different timezones, as Eventum will look into each user's
timezone working hours to see if s/he should be assigned to the new issue.

Hope that helps.


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