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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:May 31 2005 8:20pm
Subject:RE: Problems with sending emails
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> I have some problems with sending out the emails from 
> Eventum. The crone
> job is up and running. In the database table eventum_mail_queue_log I
> found a lot of entries with the server message "unable to authenticate
> to smtp server/".
> The authentication data for the SMTP server and email are 
> 100% correctly.
> Can anybody help?

Yes, but this will require some debugging. Please open
/path-to-eventum/include/pear/Mail/smtp.php and find the following

            if (PEAR::isError($smtp->auth($this->username,
                              $method))) {
                return PEAR::raiseError('unable to authenticate to smtp

Change them to the following:

            $res = $smtp->auth($this->username, $this->password,
            if (PEAR::isError($res)) {
                return PEAR::raiseError('unable to authenticate to smtp

Then manually run the mail queue process script again and send me any
output. It should output a nice object representation of that error,
which I will use to see what is going wrong here.


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