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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:May 25 2005 6:08pm
Subject:RE: Small glitch on Firefox-Linux
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> Instead an unexpected "display:none" was there. I could 
> correct this by
> remving the comment in 
> eventum/templates/en/mail_queue.tpl.html around line 16:
>   <!-- {get_display_style element_name="drafts"} -->
> I am not to sure if it is a bug in firefox or eventum but I 
> though I would
> let you know as it would not hurt to remove these comments 
> anyway. Or the
> solution might be to replace the closing comment with "//-->" 
> as it is done
> elsewhere

Oops, that's a bug in Eventum itself. Looks like when we created this
new mail_queue.tpl.html file, we re-used some existing template code
from another file, and that is conflicting with the view issue details

I'll fix that for 1.5.4. Thanks for the report!


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