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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:May 25 2005 6:02pm
Subject:RE: Customer can edit their details
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> When using the customer integration API, a customer can edit their own
> details such as their name and email address. Would it be possible to
> disable this feature? This is a problem because if a customer 
> modify it's
> email the synchronisation with the customer database is lost. 
> I think the
> information should be one way only: from the customer 
> database to eventum
> and not the opposite.

Of course. We made the same change internally for exactly those reasons,
but I guess we forgot to merge those changes to the GPL repository.

We will add that as a bug fix for version 1.5.4. Thanks for the report.

> In the same line, I think it would be nice if we could prevent an
> administrator from changing the role of a customer. If a customer is
> modified to another role, it is not possible anymore to 
> modify it back to a
> customer as the customer role does not appear in the list of 
> roles to choose
> from. A customer created from the customer database should remains a
> customer. If a new role is needed, a normal user should be 
> used instead.

Indeed. We will also fix this for 1.5.4.


Customer can edit their detailsNicolas Clemeur24 May
RE: Customer can edit their detailsJoao Prado Maia25 May