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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:May 19 2005 12:59pm
Subject:RE: Cron
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> Your "cron" job on xxxxx
> cd /usr/local/eventum/htdocs/misc; /usr/local/bin/php 
> process_mail_queue.php
> produced the following output:
> ERROR: There is already a process (pid=3213) of this script 
> running. If this is
> not accurate, you may fix it by running this script with 
> '--fix-lock' as the
> only parameter.
> Thus I do not want to set '--fix-lock' because of an 
> unpredictable result, I've
> changed  cron to 5 minute. The error doesn't occur in this case.
> any ideas?

Well, some scripts might take more than a minute to run, although it is
unlikely. So maybe the script is simply taking too long to execute
completely, and when the next cron job kicks in, the locking mechanism
prevents it from running.

Try lowering the interval a minute at a time (4, 3, 2) and see what is
the lowest value that is still valid for your system.


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