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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:May 6 2005 7:23pm
Subject:RE: Eventum Questions
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> 1. Is there any documentation for the underlying API? Something like 
> JavaDocs?

No, but it should be a simple thing to just run phpDocumentor against
the /include/ directory of Eventum, to build a nice Javadoc-like set of

We might actually do that for our next release of Eventum.

> 2. This may not be an Eventum question but a PHP question, 
> not sure. I am a 
> Java developer and just starting to get into PHP. So far, PHP 
> is similar to 
> Java. I want to develope a custom workflow for use with our 
> help desk. I 
> have looked over the intranet and example workflow classes 
> and understand 
> whats going on, but, there is code like 
> "Notification::notifyIRC($prj_id, 
> $irc_message, 0);" that I am trying to figure out. Is 
> Notification a class 
> and notifyIRC a method of that class? If so, is there 
> documentation that 
> lists whats available to use?

That's correct. The usage of Class_name::method_name() is basically a
static call to the method "method_name" on class "Class_name". Usually
the class names are based on the filename of the PHP scripts that
implement them. So on your case, class Notification is implemented on
file /include/class.notification.php, and so on.


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