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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:April 29 2005 5:51pm
Subject:RE: Help with user inserts - fresh thread
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> I made a script based on the create_customers.php
> It looks like the only line that is important other than 
> straight insert of
> data is this:
> Project::associateUser($prj_id, $new_usr_id, 
> User::getRoleID("Customer"));
> I made sure this is run for each user insert with the correct 
> project id as
> I found it in the project table. Now I am able to log in as 
> one of these
> users, but the project pulldown is blank. I tried finding out 
> what could be
> different, but I really don't know my way around your DB very 
> well yet.
> So I have 15,000 users that can login, but are not connected 
> with a project
> somehow and how do I fix that.

Right. Take a look on /path-to-eventum/logs/errors.log and see if there
are any errors in there related to this.

You can also check the eventum_project_user table for the mapping of
users and projects. If the drop-down list is empty, then it means that
this mapping wasn't setup properly when you first imported the


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