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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:April 28 2005 3:41pm
Subject:RE: dir layout in Eventum
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> Just a quick note here, I was reading this page
> And found the below.. This to me means that Eventum and other 
> such programs 
> should expect to have a top level public dir, and an includes 
> that is not 
> public. So the question is, do you eventum guys consider this to be 
> weenieness, or a good idea? I know this doc is talking about 
> older versions 
> of php also, but it seems like this general principle makes 
> sense still.

No, I think it makes total sense. However, when I first developed
Eventum, I wanted something that could be setup quickly, without any
changes to Apache or whatever. So my goal was to have a user unzip the
distribution on a directory, and use their browser right away to install
it. If you start going with hidden directories and etc, then it's an
extra step on the installation procedures.

In any case, we intend to fix this in Eventum 2.0.

> One request, is there any way the next release can be free of 
> Dos carriage 
> returns? I can filter them out, but it would be nice not to have to.

Where did you find those? We set our text editors to use unix linefeeds,
but maybe a couple of old changes got through..


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