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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:April 28 2005 2:21am
Subject:RE: Feature Request: SubTasks
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> I've always wanted the ability to create tasks within tasks.  In other
> words, tasks should be able to have sub-tasks.
> I realize this opens a whole new can of worms, and can 
> complex the current
> application.  On example is for time projected and spent: should these
> values be rolled-up into the parent task, or should all be separate?
> With this ability, I would like to be able to move tasks 
> from, to, and out
> of other tasks.

I don't have a problem with the concept in general, but there has to be
some more discussion about this. Some other project management features
already crept into Eventum, such as "Percent Complete" or "Estimated
Dev. Time", but it would be nice to have a clear separation between the
different usages.

When I started developing Eventum, it was supposed to be simply a bug
tracking system with some extra features geared towards project
management. I was even creating a project management scheduling tool
when I was hired into MySQL AB, so it never went anywhere after that.

In any case, one of our ideas for Eventum 2.0 would be a way to be able
to group certain features together into a profile, and then associate
that profile with a specific project. So we could have "Bug Tracking",
"Support Tickets" and "Software Development" as profiles, and then be
able to say that "Product XYZ" uses the software development profile,
which would make issues on that project display certain features, like
the percent complete field and etc.

It's all very blue sky right now (i.e. wouldn't it be nice if...), but
I'm open to discussions.


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