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From:Lukas Bradley Date:April 27 2005 10:38pm
Subject:RE: Feature Request: SubTasks
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> >Therefore, I'm posting to start the ball rolling for official
> integration.
> Sorry if I offended you. You seemed to need to emphasize your competence
> quite a lot in your reply. I was just trying to be encouraging.

No offense taken at all-- and I apologize if I sounded snooty.  

> You might have to consider that Eventum is not a project management tool,
> it is for support, and the needs for those two tend to fork off away from

And that's an excellent point.  By adding this, it does begin to blur the
lines, even more.  I would argue the lines are already blurry, due to one of
the categories being "Feature Request".

As you stated we all utilize bug reporting, tracking, and project management
tools at the same time; most don't quite meet all our needs at the same

I wanted to write something a long time ago regarding the desired future of
Eventum and where MySQL wishes to take it.  Instead, I only took 30 seconds
to fire off this topic.  It would help me, personally, to know if there is a
clear line of demarcation drawn for Eventum to *only* be a bug tracking
tool, or if the doors are wide open for suggestions.

After all, I would love for it to do my homework, as well.

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