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From:Eric Frazier Date:April 27 2005 10:07pm
Subject:RE: Feature Request: SubTasks
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At 02:53 PM 4/27/2005, Lukas Bradley wrote:
> > This is just IMHO, but I think this would not be that difficult for you to
> > do yourself. One thing about Eventum that I am finding is that it is very
> > well designed, and as a result it is at least straight forward, if not
> > super easy/fast to make big changes to it. The hard part is just that it
>I'm extremely confident that *I*, personally, could make it happen.
>However, unless it was adopted into the Eventum codebase, all changes would
>have to be re-integrated with each new Eventum release.
>Therefore, I'm posting to start the ball rolling for official integration.

Sorry if I offended you. You seemed to need to emphasize your competence 
quite a lot in your reply. I was just trying to be encouraging.

You might have to consider that Eventum is not a project management tool, 
it is for support, and the needs for those two tend to fork off away from 
each other at some point. But, I plan on using Eventum in that way to some 
degree and subtasks would be handy to me as well.



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