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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:April 18 2005 4:11pm
Subject:RE: Public TODO list?
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> Is the TODO list ever going to be posted on the Eventum 
> homepage? I have two 
> significant issues that is keeping me from migrating our 
> current system 
> (Keystone2) to Eventum. One being the ability to move issues between 
> projects and the other being sketchy customer/contact 
> management. Keystone 
> will allow us to do everything we need it to, but the user 
> interface is 
> where near as good as Eventum. The Eventum 
> reporting is also 
> superior to Keystone.

Well, we're discussing the possibility of creating a public instance of
Eventum that would host the TODO items, a Wiki, etc, but that's still
going to take some time. The ability to move issues between projects is
set to a low priority, so it will take a while to implement that given
our current workload (read: 6 months+).

Regarding the ability to manage customers and contacts from within
Eventum, that's not going to happen. If you want an open source CRM
tool, try SugarCRM. Eventum is an issue tracking system and will remain
focused on doing that the best way it can. You can always create your
own customer integration backends to link Eventum with your own CRM


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