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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:April 18 2005 3:28pm
Subject:RE: Cron errors
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> 1. user:group wwwrun:www is correct for all eventum-files. 
> apache:apache
> does not exist on my system. Where does the apache user come 
> from? Is it
> hard coded in monitor.php?
> 2. I copied setup.conf.php from eventum-1.5.1 and run upgrade skripts.
> But setup.conf.php was not modified. How do I correct the file size?
> 3. I did not configure IRC. How do I disable this check?

Right, the INSTALL file describes that a few settings may need to be
tweaked to your particular configuration:

  "Please note that before running the heartbeat monitor, you 
  may need to customize some of the checks to be appropriate 
  for your own system, particularly the permission and file 
  checks on Monitor::checkConfiguration()."

So open /path-to-eventum/include/class.monitor.php and change your
settings. There are also a few settings that you can change from
/path-to-eventum/misc/monitor.php itself.


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