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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:April 18 2005 2:36pm
Subject:RE: Feedback on Eventum 1.5.2
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> after a long search for a high-quality, open-source,
> LAMP-based issue tracker, I just installed Eventum
> 1.5.2 and it's definitely going live at my company.
> Great work!

I'm glad you like it. Spread the word!

> BUG: when I rename the Default Project, the
> "Configuration:" section (General Setup, Manage Email
> Accounts, Manage Custom Fields, Customize Issue
> Listing Screen) of the Administration screen
> DISAPPEARS - and admin@stripped switches from
> "Administrator" to "Manager" for the renamed project.
> I had to manually hack eventum_project_user (reverted
> pru_role from 6 to 7 for admin@stripped) in order
> to be able to do general configuration again.

Yes, this was a bug introduced by a change I did to automatically set
the project lead as a manager on that project. This fix will be included
on Eventum 1.5.3, hopefully to be released Wednesday.

> I renamed Default Project because I created several
> projects and wanted to allow people to open issues
> anonymously, and didn't want people questioning me
> "What is this Default Project, listed along E-mail,
> Telephony, etc?". I know I can always disable
> Anonymous Reporting for Default Project, but really,
> do I NEED to keep an empty Default Project?

No, you don't need to keep that project.

> FEATURE REQUEST: I would like to be able to transfer
> issues between projects. There are times when one of
> my users generates a file that is to be transferred to
> a government agency through their web site. There was
> a situation when the site was offline, so if Eventum
> was around then the user would have reported an issue
> in project "Internet"; but there was an occasion when
> the agency would refuse the file because the ERP had
> generated the file with a wrong layout, and in that
> case the issue would be opened in project "Internet",
> only to be transferred later to project "Inteq" (the
> name of the ERP) by my end-user support staff. The way
> Eventum is now (I believe), my staff would have to
> close the issue in "Internet" and open an identical
> one in "Inteq".

Right, this is a known shortcomming in Eventum. However, this feature is
really not simple to implement. We have this on our TODO list but on a
low priority, though.

> I'm also willing to contribute a Portuguese Brazilian
> translation. I already translated and customized the
> issue reporting screen (I live in Brazil and all my
> end users speak Portuguese), and I'm more than
> interested in translating the rest.

I could translate it all to pt_BR as well, but the underlying problem is
that Eventum is just not setup yet to handle i18n. We have that
scheduled for Eventum 2.0, whenever that happens ;)


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