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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:April 14 2005 2:32pm
Subject:RE: RFE 'history of changes' is incomplete
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> I made a modification within the description of a ticket, and 
> then viewed the 'history of changes'.
> No 'diff' or changelog showing the prior state was 
> accessible.
> Having used a system in an environment where end call center 
> representatives 'sanitized' adverse reports, I need to have an 
> ability to either emit a change record into the history, or 
> 'revert' to intermediate states.

No question about it. However, I remember that a few fields used to show
the prior value on the history of changes, like "Priority: Low ->
Critical" or something like that.

What would really be nice here is changing the history of changes to do
the following:

- A shorter message describing what was changed (i.e. "Issue #1234
Updated (Fields: Priority, Category, Release)")
- A new link that would open a popup with the full details of what
changed (so you would need a new field on eventum_issue_history to hold

I'll add this to our TODO list. Patches welcome on this.

> Also, adding a javascript [ print ] button in the 'history of 
> changes' popup would be useful.
> <a href="javascript: window.print();">[&nbsp;Print&nbsp;]</a>

I'll add that.


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