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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:April 14 2005 2:27pm
Subject:RE: Adding default 'Priority' population
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> I am working through a new Eventum setup, and solveing issues. 
> I went to add a ticket in a new Project, and find that I am 
> unable to do so, as it lacks a setup of the 'Priorities' 
> table.  A couple of approaches come to mind.

It makes sense to have the system auto-populate the priority field for a
new project. However, my approach would be to have a hardcoded list of
priorities on the code, and simply using those when creating a new

> RFE 2:  Optionally permit inheritance of priorities from the 
> Default Project

Way too complicated, and we don't _need_ this.

> RFE 3:  Include, and permit bulk importation of a template 
> priority set, following the nomenclature of man 3 syslog:

Bulk creation of priorities (or other project-level attributes) would
indeed be useful, but that's such a narrow feature that I will add this
to the TODO list on a low priority, and wait for the community to
provide a patch.


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