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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 30 2004 5:44pm
Subject:ANNC: Eventum 1.2.2 released
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Dear Eventum users,

I'm proud to announce that Eventum 1.2.2 is now available for download in
source form from our download pages at and mirror sites.

Note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point in time - if
you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later or choose
another download site.

Please read the UPGRADE file for instructions on how to upgrade your
existing Eventum installation.

* List of changes in this release:

- Forced cookies to always be set using APP_RELATIVE_URL to prevent multiple
cookies from being created. (Bryan)
- Properly handling email attachments with uppercase MIME related values
- Fixed the email and note routing scripts to parse MIME emails and fetch
the appropriate message body (João)
- When handling a routed note, add all email addresses from staff users from
both To: and Cc: list to notification list (João)
- Properly handle quoted-printable message bodies (João)
- Weekly report can now be generated for any time period. (Bryan)
- Added new Custom Field Report. (Bryan)
- Download emails script no longer requires a mailbox name if using a pop3
account. (Bryan)
- Fixed bug where values for new custom fields could not be set on existing
issues. (Bryan)
- When replying to an email from the web interface, set the In-Reply-To:
header accordingly (João)
- Added an automatic check to handle concurrency issues with the mail queue
process script (João)
- Phone call module now uses expandable cell to save space. (João; Bryan)
- When Phone call is added, time tracking entry is also added. (João; Bryan)
- Moved description to seperate table to prevent wide descriptions from
pushing the rest of the table over. (Bryan)
- Added security to reports to prevent users with a role lower then
"Standard User" from accessing them. (Bryan)
- Auto reconnect to the IRC server if the connection is lost (João)
- Fixed cookie related problem that prevented users from logging into IIS
based installations (João)
- Fixed a bug that was preventing the selected list of statuses from being
stored when creating a new project (João)

If you find any problems while using this software, please let us know.

Joao Prado Maia

ANNC: Eventum 1.2.2 releasedJoao Prado Maia30 Jun