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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 29 2004 10:16pm
Subject:RE: Cookies Error
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> So, just to recap, the installation works only if running off a Linux
> server. That is, the IIS installation seems to run, but it gives the
> "cookies not enabled" error, which virtually leaves everyone
> locked out of
> the site.

Right, and I think we found out the problem with IIS. Apparently IIS will
not create a cookie in the user's browser if there is no content being
streamed back. This seemed to work though:

- Change line 274 of class.auth.php

    header("Location: $new_url");

to this:

    header("Refresh: 0; URL=$new_url");

I tested it myself with Apache and the login still works. According to the
notes available on, this should fix the problem
under IIS.

Please let me know if that works, and if it does, we will include this fix
in the next release of Eventum.


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