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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 29 2004 2:22pm
Subject:RE: Cookies Error
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> I've been following this discussion with interest.  I am also getting the
> same error and I have verified all that has been suggested here.
> Basically, I have found the following:
> 1.   When I install Eventum 1.2.1 on a local webserver on my workstation
> (IIS5.1, XP Pro), it runs the site, but does not let the new user login.
> (Error: Cookies support seem to be disabled in your browser.
> Please enable
> this feature and try again. ).
> Cookies and javascript are enabled.  Time and dates are correct.  The
> path settings are correct.  When accessing a
> remote site it
> works fine (Eventum running on RH9 Linux server (LAMP)).

Yeah, we're starting to think that this may be somehow related to IIS. We'll
be doing some tests under that platform this week to try to reproduce these

Meanwhile, could you try accessing this Eventum IIS installation with
Mozilla Firefox and send me the log that Live HTTP Headers saves for you
while trying to login?

> 2.   A secondr workstation is having trouble accessing Eventum running on
> our RH9 Linux server.  It is the only workstation having this
> issue.  Again,
> cookies and javascript are enabled, and time/dates are correct.
> I've tried IE and Mozilla.  Live HTTP Headers in Mozilla show
> that there is
> proper communication.  I am not sure what I should look for
> concerning the
> cookies.

Are you sure that you don't have any anti-virus or firewall software running
on that workstation? Sometimes these applications block cookies from
reaching your browser, so that might be the culprit.

Just to recap -- you _can_ login to the RH9 Eventum installation fine from
most workstations, except this one you referred to above, and you _cannot_
login to the IIS Eventum installation from _any_ workstation. Is this


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