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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 13 2004 1:36pm
Subject:RE: minor UPGRADE issues
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> 1) In the UPGRADE document it says to backup "", and replace it
> once you move over the new 1.3 files. The issue is that in that file
> there is a
> variable that defines the verson that is being used (@define("APP_VERSION",
> "1.2.2");) Since you are using the old file, when you log into Eventum it will
> still say 1.2.2 at the bottom, even though the code is 1.3  That can lead to
> confusion, i was confused at first weather the upgrade worked or not.
> Maybe one
> of the update scripts should change that version? ... And speaking of those
> upgrade scripts...

Hmm, indeed. Never noticed that. I will add that to our TODO list.

> 2) In the UPGRADE documents it shows the correct order to run the upgrade
> scripts. I tried running them from the commandline, and I received an error.
> But they ran from the web just fine. The wording should be changed to say run
> them from the web. Or the listing of the scripts to run should be listed as
> http in the beginning.

Right, I'll change the UPGRADE script and specify that they should be run from
the web.

Thanks for the feedback!


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