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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 10 2004 2:52pm
Subject:RE: Routed emails don't appear in view.php
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> This _feels_ like a bug to me, but I'm still learning about how the email
> integration system works, so it may not be.


Yes, this is a pretty nasty scenario.

> The two problems that feel bug-like:
> 1. Clayster never received my reply.
> 2. view.php?id=44 does not display my response, nor does the "Associate
> Emails" list.

> Does all this make sense?
> After all that, my "is this a bug?" questions are:
> 1. Why didn't Clayster receive a copy of my response?
> 2. route_email.php should determine the proper account to associate messages
> with, not rely on being told ... Right?

Yes, it does make sense.

I'm not sure about #1 -- can you check with the notification list on that issue
and tell me which actions is Clayster subscribed to?

About #2, it's not that simple. Since we can have more than one email account
per project, we can't be 100% sure about which of the email accounts a routed
email is supposed to be associated with.

But yes, that script should go the extra mile and try to do the right thing. We
should remove the first argument to route_emails.php, get the project id from
the given issue, then see if there is only one email account associated with
that project. If so, we use that email account id. Otherwise, we can just use
the first one we find.

I'll add this to my TODO list. Maybe I'll get to it by today's 1.3 release.


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