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From:Bryan Alsdorf Date:January 9 2008 8:45pm
Subject:Eventum 2.1.1 Released
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I am pleased to announce that Eventum 2.1.1, the latest version of the user-friendly and 
flexible issue tracking system from MySQL, is now available from our downloads pages at

Eventum 2.1.1 is a minor bug fix release and solves a few reported problems with 
installation, compatibility and localization in the previous release.

Note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point in time. If you can't find 
this version on some mirror, please try again later or choose another download site. Also 
note that localization for some languages is not yet complete. Please see the localization

page for more details.

Please refer to the UPGRADE file for instructions on how to upgrade your existing Eventum 
installation. Read the INSTALL file for instructions on installing Eventum for the first

More information is available on our wiki here:

Special thanks to community member Elan Ruusamäe for preparing this release.

Please report any bugs you might find to the eventum developers list:

Changes in this release:
- Added missing PEAR classes for Text_Diff (Elan Ruusamäe)
- Fix unwanted breakage of PHP 4.x compatibility (Elan Ruusamäe)
- Include JavaScript files client side, not from Smarty. Fixes #32619 (Elan Ruusamäe)
- Avoid redefine error of APP_GETTEXT_MODE constant in language class (Elan Ruusamäe)
- Added 'Category' to workload by date range report (Bryan)
- Update php-gettext wrapper to support switching locales on same page (Elan
- Update php-gettext to find LC_MESSAGES from various dirs like glibc function does (Elan 

Best Regards,
Bryan Alsdorf, Manager of Support Systems

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Eventum 2.1.1 ReleasedBryan Alsdorf9 Jan