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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:August 30 2004 10:24pm
Subject:Eventum TODO entries
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This is not even close to the full TODO list for Eventum, but these
are a few items that would be relevant to the community in general, I

- Allow history of changes screen to be role specific

Here it basically means that some of the history entries on
history.php should be hidden away to a certain threshold of permission
level. That is, a "viewer" user should not be able to see the items
related to the support staff creating internal notes or whatever.

- Move all (most) issue details forms to popups

This will entail moving the Attached Files, Time Tracking and Phone
Calls forms to popups, like it is being done now for emails and notes,
for instance. This is a nice feature because it will keep consistency
in that the issue details page should be read-only, and not read-write
like it is now. It is called view.php, after all.

- Optional color coding by priority rather than by status

Some users are more interested in the priority of a specific issue
than in its status, so we may want to allow the administrators to say
that for project XYZ, the priorities will be used to color-code the
issue listing and issue details page.

- Clear referrer field when redirecting a user

Which is important to keep the destination server from knowing about
internal URLs of your Eventum installation. This is needed to go as a
change to the Misc::activateLinks() method, which will redirect to a
intermediary page, and do a HTTP-refresh in the HTML itself, and that
will clear out any referrer values.

- Display list of active filters in the issue listing screen

This feature will display a list of all active features, like so:

Keywords = "error reporting bug"
Category = "bug"
Priority = "Critical"
Last Updated = "Greater Than 2004-05-08 00:00:00"

This is useful because when you run a saved search, which may contain
extra search parameters that are only available in the advanced search
form, those values are not displayed in the quick filter form that is
available on the top of the issue listing screen. With this feature,
people would always know which values are still being used.

- New interval type for date field search

This would be a new set of options in the advanced search page, which
would add the following:

[ ] Last Updated:
 < Since > < Last Month, Last Week >

That way is easier to have a dynamic saved search, that would be very
useful to display the list of issues that got an update last week (or
last month, or whatever). Right now you would need to keep coming back
to the advanced search form to change the date manually.

- Allow users to create multiple signatures

This will allow users to create multiple email signatures per project,
so that you could have a "Support Engineer" type signature to use
sometimes, and another "Normal" signature to use in internal only
issues or whatever.

All uses of the signature code would need to be changed, like on the
email and note forms.

- Ability to create custom regular expressions

This should make it possible to create regular expressions and apply
them to the given text, like the issue description, for instance:

"Joe wants us to do this prior to Bug #123"

"Bug #123" in there would automatically be transformed into a link to
somewhere, like a separate bug tracking system. A link to, say, or whatever.

Anyway, please let me know if you have some questions.


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