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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:August 30 2004 1:34pm
Subject:RE: Authorized Repliers
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> For example -- If I create an issue in Project A via e-mail
> (Issue::createFromEmail()), everyone that is assigned to
> Project A gets an
> e-mail.

Only if they want to. That's a preference option called "Receive
emails when all issues are created ?". If the other team members
uncheck that option, they will no longer receive the emails.

> However, responses to that e-mail (going to
> all get
> filed in the notes section of the issue as blocked e-mails.

Right, because they are not authorized repliers (or in the assignment

> Is there a particular reason that all project members
> aren't automatically
> considered Authorized Repliers? It seems like they should
> be, and that the
> intent is that they would be, but the current code isn't
> working quite right
> to make that a reality.

Yes. The reason is that we want to avoid having 4 different people
communicate with your customer. This is also an internal usage
philosophy of our support team, but we want to always have _one_
person responsible for the ticket (the assignee) and have that person
communicate with the customer. If you have 5 different people in the
Authorized Replier list, then it gets difficult to impose order.

If someone else needs to send an email to the issue, and it gets
blocked, then it is the responsibility of the assignee to unblock it.

Hope that makes sense to you.


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