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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 12 2005 1:06pm
Subject:RE: Version (1.5.5) in bitkeeper.
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> I may be missing something here, but when I download/install the
> overnight bitkeeper, it shows a version of "1.5.5" in the main screen.
> The version I am updating is 1.6.1, so this feels a little odd.
> Is the bitkeeper only used for an older stream, or does it 
> have all the
> enhancements of 1.6.1?

I'm not sure why the nightly snapshot is not being updated, but it
should be.

I'll check around what is wrong with that setup and let you know.


Version (1.5.5) in bitkeeper.Christian12 Sep
  • RE: Version (1.5.5) in bitkeeper.Joao Prado Maia12 Sep